Art and healing

March 11, 2007

 Sting - All This TimeI’ve been watching Sting’s DVD, All this Time and have been struck most by the kind of person he is. I’ve always liked his music alot, but what comes across in this film is his integrity and the sense of community he has built with his band.

Certain artists reach a point in their lives where the central question changes from, ‘How can I get as much profit as I can from my talent’, to, ‘What can I bring into the world, using the gifts I’ve been given’.  I think every profession has this choice.  I don’t think it is an ‘either/or’ thing, more a question of the kind of motivation that one’s art springs from. I also feel that social awareness and profit can go together nicely.

Back to the DVD, the film has a tragically ironic edge in that Sting has planned a gala concert at his villa in Italy for several hundred invited people. You see the band, full of good spirits, rehearsing for the concert.

The date of the rehearsal is September 10, 2001. 
The next morning the camera crew catch them all in a state of shock, watching the nightmare unfolding on TV.

Together,they decide to go ahead with the concert. The first song is ‘Fragile’.  At the end of the song, there is absolute silence. That moment captures the triumph of music, community, and courage over the violence of 9/11. It is one of the most moving things I’ve seen. 

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