March 31, 2007


‘Hyacinths’, pastel drawing (with plant in foreground)

This one is hot off the press, you can still smell the fixative spray. The flowers were imperceptibly opening even while I was drawing it.  As I wrote in the previous post, teaching is getting me back to drawing again. And E, my 10 year old student brought in an example of art she liked . In helping her understand the technique involved, I got fired up to loosen up a little with my own approach to drawing.

The aim here wasn’t at all to do something super-realistic, and the color match was more coincidence than intent.  I was moved by the almost black purples, and the purple buds with a tinge of green, and I was anxious to use some of the deep dark rich new pastels I’d bought.

I discover repeatedly, that the work I am happiest with is where I am just being me and drawing.  And not trying. Has anyone been gradually led, as I have, to the discovery that being oneself is actually enough?  It seems that I receive the most of what I want- creating beauty, fulfilling an intent, being valued, when I am not striving for anything. Often the things I just toss off seem to carry the imprint of all the years of discipline and craft, and stand solid by themselves.  Sure, there is a small effort and some work involved in a drawing such as ‘Hyacinths’, but the main element is in receiving what is there and being in relationship with the subject.  Sting said that he experienced song writing as a sort of grace, as a standing back, getting out of the way and receiving his songs.  

Artists work with gifts. The blooming hyacinth is a gift, and the joy of seeing and communing with it and being able to reach into a box of varied colors and play with the light, shadow and purple-greens is a gift. And finally, showing it to someone and having them be touched by it completes the circle, ….or opens up a whole new field of communion to explore together. 

One Response to “Gifts”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Sarah, what great insights. Really enjoy reading your blog. So glad you made one. Keep going!
    All the best.

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