Embracing business

April 7, 2007

This week I went to the Chamber of Commerce and registered ArtWell as an official business. It was a significant step for an artist like me. I’ve always avoided getting too involved in business for a number of reasons which I will write about another time.  

But over the years I have come to see that to achieve my goals, I need to move out from the margins more into the mainstream. Also, I am heartened by new concepts in businesses which allow one to mix a social goal with a financially responsible structure.  This is quoted from an article in Ode magazine about Muhammad Yunus, the founder of microcredit:

“So if you wanted to do something good for the world, you didn’t think of starting a company; after all, you weren’t interested in money. You signed up to work at a social service institution or became a researcher so you could develop medicines to cure people’s ills-and which, by the way, would lavishly line the pockets of others. But there is another, more challenging, way: via the business community. Because I believe there is no better way to combine your desire for a better world with effectiveness than through a company.”

So ArtWell , a bureau for creative projects and training in healthcare, as well as my free lance design and art business is born.

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