April 19, 2007

A friend loaned me The-Perfect-Book-for-me-now. Know how it is when something comes into your hands and a shivver goes all through you? This one is by Neil Crofts  called , ‘Authentic, How to make a living by being yourself’.
So in a nutshell it is a total vindication for all I’ve been feeling as far as resisting conventional business practices and wanting to help create something new.

His words say it all:

‘How would it be if no-one exploited anyone or anything and no-one felt exploited?

How would it be if everyone felt confident of their purpose and place in society?

How would it be if we all worked to a common aim happiness and quality of life for all?

How would it be if companies collaborated to achieve this aim rather than competed for their own short-term gain?

How would it be if every business were authentic?”

Reading this book has removed the very last barriers for me to starting my own business. It is an exceptionally clearly written book, totally inspiring, and practically helpful. 

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