Snail love

April 25, 2007


photo Rende Zoutewelle

This little guy (or gal or both) is the reason why I don’t use snail poison in my garden- even when discovering brand new  plants chomped down to the roots. 

Once, a few years ago I was driven to try some, and the first beautiful creature I found cramped and wrinkled in my garden was the last one I ever killed on purpose.  And they are beautiful; both my husband and I love them. Rende photographs them regularly, you can see some of the recent ones at his gallery on ephotozine .

I have been going out to the garden early and collecting the larger ones in a pail and taking them for a breath of fresh air.  I cross the street, walk down a wooded path, and dump them on the edge of a small water filled ditch. They probably enjoy the change of scenery and diet until they work their way back to my plants. 

A favorite meditation is to take a tiny one on my finger and watch it move purposefully over the hills and valleys of my skin. They are so delicate and responsive with their little antennae that constantly taste the air…. looking for (my) lettuce. And aside from their assault on various plants, they are gentle creatures.
They’ll probably call me Saint Escargot when I’m dead and gone. 

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