Things that take time

May 19, 2007

I just finished reading an English translation of a Spanish novel. It was frustrating because the translation was only adequate. Underneath the words I could sense the poetry of the original language which was not getting through.

The English version of this book could have sung, sparkled, and fizzed. Instead it fizzled.

To make magic happen takes time, the kind of time we seem to be collectively losing the sensibility for. Our quick fix, short attention span society demands instant results and cost-efficient solutions.  We snack on small bites of things and we don’t get nourished.

It takes time…to sit with something and let it ripen. To hold still with a seed in the darkness until it gives the sign that it is ready to push up into light.

Things that take time: growing babies and friendships and marriages; building, crafting weaving thread by thread, creating, living consciously.  Things that take time nourish our souls, create a sense of belonging to the world and connection to others. And ultimately, they heal.

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