Drawing 1

June 2, 2007


Drawing is such an inherently creative act. I think it can change consciousness and change lives.

You can’t approach a drawing with a closed mind and succeed.

However many times you have drawn an object, you have never drawn it this way, with this light at this moment of your life.

You have to open and let whatever is in front of you speak to you on its own terms.

The more preconceptions you bring to that moment of encounter between you and the subject, the less present you will be for the gifts of that encounter.  

Every time I draw familiar objects I am struck by the endless beauty and mystery of the material world. And the deeper I go into a subject, the more I am touched by its interiority which speaks to my own. Thomas Moore says this is the way enchantment arises in everyday life.  

I am in the kitchen cleaning up the breakfast things. My husband has left a coffee filter to drain on a drinking glass. The light pours in turning the coffee dark and peaty in the bottom of the glass, the coffee filter furls, pulling away from the side of the funnel.  It is hard to stop cleaning and go to get my sketchbook, but I do. And every time I do this it gets easier. For the next little while I am engrossed in form, light and shadow, and the total newness of these familiar objects.   Drawing then, can be a way to constantly renew one’s perceptions but also one’s world.  

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