Fantasy heals

June 5, 2007

Tonight I was listening to a favorite cultural program on the radio. The guest was Frank Groothof who makes thrilling theater performances for kids. In reply to the interviewer’s question, ‘Don’t kids who are used to computer games have too short attention spans for theater’?, he said there is nothing better than storytelling. All of us long to go to that protected place where our fantasy lives. Children love being there. Adults, too, feel the same when they go to the theatre, they can leave the workaday world behind and come home to their fantasy. Then he said something wonderful, he said, ‘You could say the theatre is a healing experience’. He said, ‘Our fantasy, the world of dreams, is closest to who we really are’.

And the interviewer pounced. I have experienced this many times during these programs. There is a stubborn cynicism that permeates many educated circles here in Holland. An artist lets fall the word ‘healing’ or ‘spiritual’ and they’re all over him in a second and don’t stop until they’ve somehow discredited him. I have seen it happen to great architects, poets, painters. The interviewer starts demanding rational explanations and the guest’s argument gets torn apart. 

Because you can’t argue for soul, for spirit, for the profound feeling of gratitude and power that comes from  connecting with the deepest truth in your work.

Those supposedly smart radio folks just don’t get it, do they?

One Response to “Fantasy heals”

  1. Richard B Says:


    I just got to your blog site somewhat by accident but glad I did. Yeah. Those “smart” radio folk do not get it. I have stopped listening to them because all they want to hear is themselves and a little bit from those of like persuasion. Better to just go to the theater or draw something or take photos or write something.

    Keep up the good work you are doing.


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