Caught between

June 24, 2007

Another insight from the garden fair experience is that I sometimes get stranded between an old and new self.

In America when I was working as an artist full time, doing art markets was a natural outgrowth of who I was. And it was a logical way to get my work out there and sold.  That was  30 years ago.

But even though I am still an artist, I am not actively working on my career as an artist. From other people’s point of view, hiring a stand somewhere and selling your work may make perfect marketing sense. But it no longer fits with who I am now.

If I look at some of my present priorities, they are all close to home. Besides my art healthcare work, I care about creating community, linking up with other artists, and selling my work locally. So it makes sense to search for a venue closer to my living situation.  That has been slowly evolving as an informal outdoor exhibition space in  our garden. We are open coinciding with an open atelier route once a month here in the neighborhood. 

So that, in combination with a website is what feels right to me now as far as selling my work is concerned.

The art fairs in the states were a rewarding period in my life, but I can’t go back in time. Something new is calling, it is not yet in place.  Others in this same situation will know how nerve wracking it is when the old no longer fits and the new hasn’t yet materialized.

All that you can do is keep taking the next step and create the path as you walk it.

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