Energy edge

June 24, 2007

‘Love alphabet’

One would think that being professional in several areas shouldn’t be a problem. But sometimes it is. 
For example,  in developing ArtWell I am currently researching how to become eligible for a certain health care subsidy. This would enable familes to hire me to do creative visits with their loved one in a nursing home. 

Meanwhile, I continue to make art.  And I have portfolios full of good work left over from past exhibitions. (The image above is from a series of older alphabet watercolours).

An opportunity came up to have a stand at a garden fair and sell some of that work.  Though from past experience here, I was less than enthusiastic about this method of selling, I decided to give it one more try. Granted, it rained, few people came, but also the few that were there were not attracted to my work.   I quit after the first day and cut my losses.

This has confirmed what I already knew, that your heart and passion have to be in something to make it work, and this is just as true of promotion as anything else.  

While at the fair I got to talking to a bookbinder friend about my art healthcare work, and for the first time in days all my lights lit up.

For me this is a simple indication of where the cutting edge of my energy is, and to go with that will bring the best results.

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