June 25, 2007


As if to test my willingness to fully commit to a new path, I got a call from an old customer with a possible commission for a harpsichord decoration. It is specialist work that I learned here in Holland from a harpsichord builder. Accepting a job like this takes over my studio and my time for about 3 months.  Once I get into it, it is lovely work, but my initial gut reaction when being asked if I would do it was a sinking feeling.

Also I must add that they were going around asking for estimates.  I’d rather be approached because someone has chosen me for my work, not because I am the lowest bidder.

Still, financially seen it is not wise to turn down a lucrative job like this.

I said no.


My reasons are:

I want to put my energy into things I am willing to expand on, I don’t want more harpsichord decoration jobs, they are extremely labor intensive and physically demanding.

I want to work with families and patients in healthcare settings, that is what excites me.


Still scary.

2 Responses to “Test”

  1. Good for you for sticking to your heart’s desire.

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