Projects June 2007

June 26, 2007


I am continuing with graphic design work when commissions come in. I am designing a logo for a former customer. Pictured above is our first collaboration for a group of products as well as intellectual property for the province we live in.

Drawing lessons with E continue on Friday afternoons. Her first charcoal drawing would have done any adult artist proud. I occasionally correct wrong proportions by pointing them out but I rarely draw directly on her paper. Basically I sit next to her and work on my own drawing, keeping aware of how things are going and giving a helping hand if she gets stuck. She has a completely individual and confident feel for how she handles the materials, so really it is about creating an environment for her to unfold in.

A folder on my calligraphic work will be coming out made by our friend Jörg, a German  fine artist and designer. It will also be on his website.

Tomorrow I am going to The Hague to do an an art project in a nursing home. I’ve been there before and it is an inspiring place. They work hard to work constructively with a strongly multi-cultural resident and staff population.  


photos from Het Beter-Gezelschap, Amsterdam

 It is a week long event to celebrate the complex’s 30th birthday. Most of us work for one or two days. About 3o specially trained art healthcare practitioners have been hired to go through the facility in costume and offer everyone we meet a small sensory experience or present. Staff, technicians, visitors, janitors, residents, surgeons, secretaries etc. are all included.  They may receive a shoulder massage, a story, a piece of live music, a mini- theatre performance, a made on the spot artwork (my activity) , a small flavour-packed treat, or a gift scented with pure herbal and flower essences.  The event is based on one to one encounters and the positive effect on the atmosphere of the entire facility is dramatic.

 It is my favorite work in the world; I started ArtWell so I could do it more than 3 or 4 times a year!

One Response to “Projects June 2007”

  1. That sounds like a wonderful project and an incredibly rewarding experience. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all had more one-to-one artistic encounters in our lives?

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