Drawing is fun

July 13, 2007


E’s drawing from today’s lesson 

My 10 year old drawing student has been working very hard these last months. It takes concentration and discipline to learn to see what is in front of you and draw it on the paper. For our last lesson of the summer I wanted her to experience that drawing can also be easy.  Together we looked at my cyber-friend Michael Nobb’s drawings-  wonderful nonchalant pen sketches of everyday life and objects.   I liked her insight about his drawing of an empty glass, ‘It isn’t exactly ‘perfect’, but you can tell what it is’.

I set up a bunch of art materials for her to draw and a large (50 x 70 cm) sheet of paper. The assignment was to just enjoy drawing the objects in no special order, proportion or perspective. She worked directly on the page in permanent marker then added colour freely with a brush and drawing inks. The result is above, I like it very much.  

groceries1.jpg  Part of the point of this assignment was to also learn that an artist has many styles available to her. We looked at ‘Groceries’ by another cyber-friend, the South African writer Harry Kalmer.  Both Michael and I have done illustrations for this book and besides being a great collection of essays inspired by groceries, it contains a wealth of illustrations by international artists in a variety of styles. (It has been highly commended in South Africa, unfortunately I don’t have an English language link for it).

 Here is my Pentel Color Brush and wash sketch from the same session.


2 Responses to “Drawing is fun”

  1. It’s the seeing that’s the hardest part, I think.

    Your student’s drawings are lovely! So vibrant. They look like they’re going to jump off the page.

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    Hi Alison,
    Yes I agree about seeing.

    Yes, her drawings are fun. In this one, I liked how she spontaneously added pink to the Scotch tape dispenser. And how when the main drawing was done,she added the little yellow sparkles.

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