July 23, 2007

On a bleak day in February this year we took our 16 year old deathly ill dog and companion for her final car ride. 
At the vet’s office, she took her last breath in our arms; then we drove several miles to the animal crematorium with her beautiful body ‘sleeping’  in the back (she still looked so alive, I kept turning around thinking she might still be breathing). The drive home with her empty basket was as awful as any we’ve ever known, and the empty house was worse.  

As of Saturday July 21, our house is no longer empty. There are newspapers strewn around the floors, and dog toys all over the place; in short it is total chaos.  Our brand new 12 week old fox terrier puppy has come to stay. And all my arguments about how much easier it would be without a dog, how much cleaner, more organized, and less binding have
evaporated in a few hours.

Picture from the breeder’s site  

All three of us are still shell-shocked, my husband, the dog and I! We had to drive 6 hours in total to pick her up at the breeders, and the adjustment from ‘no dog’ to a lively puppy is a big one. She needs to be let out several times at night and frequently during the day, and for all of us everything is new.

Having an animal to raise and care for does come with a price, but the rewards far outbalance the disadvantages. For us anyway. Our house is a mess, our routine is in shambles, but we are a family again. Welcome into our lives, Lucida Bright (Lucie for short). Pictures coming.  

4 Responses to “Lucie”

  1. Congratulations and good luck!

  2. Kris Holmes Says:

    I’m the designer of the font called Lucida Bright. Sounds like you named your new dog after my font! I hope it’s because you like it:)

    I also hope you and Lucie have many, many happy years together. Your blog is really sweet.

  3. szoutewelle Says:

    Hi Kris,
    How did you ever stumble on my blog?
    Yes Lucie is most definitely named after your typeface. My husband and I love the Lucida family and are honored to meet the creator.

    It looks like we share a calligraphic background. I studied with and taught with Arnold Bank at CMU. And when I worked at Hallmark for a summer, I had some written contact with Hermann Zapf. I spent years completely immersed in all things calligraphic and finally came up for air somewhere around 1984 to do other things.

    I don’t have much calligraphy on my site, but you can see the letter influence in several pieces if you look. The url is at end of this mail.
    Nice to meet you and thanks for writing. Stay tuned to blog for pics of Lucida.

    My website is http://www.artwell.nl
    Art and health work- specialising in dementia care
    & Graphic design, illustration, and calligraphy

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