An angel,…. when sleeping!

July 25, 2007



We are still living in a sort of haze of non-stop activity as we adjust to having the dog here and she gets used to us.

Even though she regularly spends quiet time in the ‘bench’ ( a sort of puppy play-pen), raising her to be a well-behaved animal demands extra time and energy. And housetraining is a full time job!  Letting her out every hour or so precludes any kind of sustained concentration (on anything else than Lucie of course!) so both of us have put our work on hold this week. Too bad they don’t have parental leave for owners of housepets.

Even though we manage to get her to do a lot outside, it was still a full day of cleaning up puddles inside (after continually standing in the rain with her for 10 minutes while she sniffed around and played). I was getting dinner ready and took my eyes off her for a moment and 2 minutes later discovered 3 more pees, and a poop that had been stepped in and tracked all over the house.  I was so beyond it, for a moment I just looked at the mess and just went on cooking dinner. R was tired and still working on closing off the back garden so he wasn’t available to bail me out this time.

Oh well, welcome to parenthood. 

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