Welcoming Grace

July 29, 2007

(No, we didn’t get another dog! )

Sometimes it seems that the more effort I put into achieving a goal, the more it eludes me. And yes, to achieve anything one has to work toward it!  Yet I believe that letting go, not forcing, and trust also have their parts to play in this process of creating a desired result.

I’m at the end of M.Scott Peck’s book, ‘The Road Less Travelled’.  I can’t say I am enamoured of all his ideas, but one thing he said is helping me with this dilemma: 

‘Buddha found enlightenment only when he stopped seeking for it- when he let it come to him. On the other hand, who can doubt that enlightenment came to him precisesly because he had devoted at least sixteen years of his life to seeking it, sixteen years in preparation?’.

Besides my free lance work, I have spent the last 15 years gradually working toward creating some kind of channel for me (and others) to work as creatives in healthcare situations. A friend and mentor said to me she felt that I had built up such a momentum that things would probably explode exponentially when they finally took off. I hope so.

But a few setbacks with my plans have made me pull back and reassess what battles I want to take on and which ones to leave. It seems that my current course brings me up against too much resistance from the entrenched healthcare systems here in Holland.

I want to find a way with more grace and less struggle in it. 

Peck says about the Buddha and enlightenment,

‘He had to both seek for it and not seek for it’.

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