Vision seeds

August 3, 2007

I’ve been reading and studying ‘The Soul of Money’ by Lynne Twist. It is a life-changing book which I will  write about another time. It has led me to look at what I already have in my life as well as what I would like to create. Another one of those paradoxes.

More than money, more than professional success, I would love to be surrounded by, belong to, a community of wonderful people. Nearby. And of course there would be a nice flow of money and good work to do.
I did live in community for 6 years, and was re-inspired by the site of the School for Designing a Society  sent to me by my friend Kate.

Twist encourages the reader to envision the life they want to live, assess the resources they already have, inner and outer, and then commit to it.

Vision: I am living and working in a community context. We all have separate homes in a 20 mile radius, and are connected by our commitment to making a difference. We are developing projects in healthcare and education. All my skills are used optimally; I write, teach, organize, create, and it all impacts on the surrounding society.

We eat together once a week and have become close. We support each other in times of crisis and look after each others’ children.

We garden and party together and are planning to live closeby to each other when we grow old.

My days are basically open as they are now, but there is also structure. I do lots of work which I love and there is a good balance between solitary creative pursuits, group meetings,  and action.

I have more than enough money for my husband’s and my needs, and it appreciates. I have enough to give away to support other  community projects and other artists.

My husband and I live in a house with lots of space for our different artistic expressions. It is a house that welcomes others, including pets and kids.

There is so much enchantment, love and richness in my life, and loads to celebrate. So much creativity generated by all of us that ripples out into the community, healing everyone it touches.

Our collective effort creates new forms that are positive alternatives to the old system. Together we have already started a private nursing home for people with dementia, which is a homey, warm, fun-filled beautiful place.

I sing with two other musicians, there is regularly dance, art and poetry to share with each other. Collaborations lead to more colour, companionship, celebration, and welcoming. There are contacts with individuals and similar communities in other countries leading to joint projects, lots of travel and exchange of inspiration.

I feel fulfilled in my life, not only in what I’m doing but in being supported to be my own best self.

In a way, my life as it is has seeds of all of these elements. So all I have to do is tend them carefully.

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