Activity Tip 1 (dementia)

August 8, 2007


Outside and inside of folder for Mrs. V

Mrs. V was a dressmaker in her life before being institutionalized. She is very neat and precise and likes arranging objects, folding cloth, smoothing wrinkles out, and squaring pieces of paper off against table edges.  When given sewing materials, she plays with them, but seems uninterested or unable to use them. For instance, she wraps the thread tightly around the needle again and again until the needle is hidden.

Last week she found a folder of mine and went through all the pages and organized them. At the end of the day I had to ask for it back, but it gave me an idea.

So I made the folder above for her. It is low-to-no cost and easy to do.

Here are the contents:  old business letters, colourful test sheets for monoprint making, a colour sample page from a brochure for laminated plastic counters, a few calendar pages from this year, etc. The pocket at the left was made by glueing an envelope to the inside cover and filling it with colourful postcards and scraps of coloured paper. There are 4 paper clips (only include these if the person is not prone to putting things in her mouth) as well as a large paper clip with rubber bands and the starfish gift tag.    The other gift tag is revealed by pulling the blue ribbon (see above image ).


This afternoon I will leave it on the table for her to find and see how she responds.

2 Responses to “Activity Tip 1 (dementia)”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hi Szoutewelle: I’m sure she will respond positively! She may continue to rearrange the items each time she comes upon it. You have done the exact right thing by triggering her life skills and vocation by sharing things that would peak her interest. Let us know what happens next.


  2. szoutewelle Says:

    Thanks Sue,
    Your site, http://www.nurturingnuggets.com
    and work are inspiring. As you will read in the follow up, Mrs. V found the folder a perfect place for storing a piece of pear, perhaps for eating later, who knows?, Dementia has its own logic.

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