The Soul of Money

August 19, 2007

A friend sent me, ‘Secrets of  the Millionaire Mind’ by T.Harv Eker. And while it had some handy tips I felt it was still rooted in old ways of manipulating and exploiting with money. It didn’t move me to a new place in my own thinking.  Also noteworthy was that I was left with a feeling of scarcity after reading it rather than abundance and possibility.

But Lynne Twist’s, ‘The Soul of Money’, was an entirely different experience.  She addresses the fact that the money-culture drives us away from our more conscious soul-filled values. She asks what would happen if we began to turn our resources, our time, money, energy, the accumulation of material wealth toward our longing to make a difference with our lives.

Twist writes:

I suggest that if you are willing to let go…of the chase to acquire or accumulate always more and let go of that way of perceiving the world, then you can take all that energy and attention and invest it in what you have. When you do that you will find unimagined treasures, and wealth of surprising depth and diversity’.

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