Harpsichord 5

August 31, 2007


The sound board is nearing completion.  The harpsichord itself, all 2 meters of it, is on my long worktable and the reference material is spread out all over the room. Most of my materials are on a rolling table.  I am enjoying the work but I’ll be glad to get my studio space back when it is done. Also, the instrument builder is waiting for it in order to continue construction. It has meant putting on a final push this week, and there were days where it seemed like the work needing to be done was never-ending. There are 40 hours invested in it so far.

At the end of a project like this there is an extra burst of energy that carries you through to completion. I do find, though, that being in the grip of it eclipses everything else.  It is a mixed feeling giving in to the drive to finish something; on one hand you are carried by the momentum built up over the weeks of concentration, on the other hand there is very little room for anything else (for instance, the rest of life…husband, puppy, other commissions, social life…. etc.).  

It is a great feeling though, after focusing on minute details for all those hours, to look out over the decorated board and see it as a whole. The painting process has been sensually pleasurable as well, I love working on the warm, live surface of wood, I can use drybrush technique to finish and blend colour layers subtly, and for instance, the peacock feather works particularly well using this method.

4 Responses to “Harpsichord 5”

  1. jan dirk Says:

    3-9-2007: dear sarah, het is een klein wonder. alles gáát en alles ís in harmony. en stemt tot dankbaar-zijn.

  2. jan dirk Says:

    3-9-2007: dear sarah. het is een klein wonder. alles gáát en alles ís in harmony. en stemt gelukkig.

  3. szoutewelle Says:

    dear jan,
    It was so wonderful to work on this project with/for you. I am so pleased you are happy with it. The arabesques are still to come, then it goes to Herwil to learn how to sing.

  4. Claudia Says:

    Wow! this is looking beautiful Sarah, the flowers are so delicate and real, the feather is stunning.

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