More on marketing; closer to core issues

September 16, 2007

As I write about marketing, I realize that there is something deeper I am addressing. It keeps getting clearer with each post. Please bear with me.

In the early 1970’s when I graduated from college, I simply began to work as a free-lance artist. There was no need for any form of marketing or advertising.  Through my calligraphy, fine art, graphic design and teaching I was able to support myself comfortably.  

The factors which assisted the success of my work in the states and my husband’s here in Holland were/are;

  • being embedded in the local community
  • work that is valued and in demand
  • good quality work delivered
  • organic growing of the business
  • a commitment to the work
  • enthusiasm for the work
  • competitive pricing
  • an economic and cultural climate which supports the work

The reasons why talented, creative people, artists or not, generally have to struggle to survive financially are deeply rooted in the imbalances of the present society. These need to be brought to light where they can be seen, reassessed, and changed.
I think these core issues are probably the ones my blog is really about.

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