More on marketing

September 16, 2007

I don’t mean to dismiss ‘marketing’ out of hand.  But I feel that some of the underlying assumptions that come along with it need to be examined.

In fact, I took an excellent marketing workshop not long ago.  Stephanie Ward  was a wonderful presenter who radiated joy and integrity. I learned a lot about ‘attracting more clients’, ‘education based selling’, and ‘creating a magnetic marketing statement’, plus other useful tools. But still, it felt like another planet. Even though I went home and implemented some of the strategies, I eventually bogged down.  Because there it was again, despite the workshop’s emphasis on opportunities and self-empowerment, the unavoidable assumption that one has to do everything humanly possible to stand out and attract clients in order to survive. And this is based on the fear that there is not enough to go around. Not enough work, attention or money for everyone. Our whole Western society is based on this. (See ‘The Soul of Money’ for a more in depth treatment of this subject).

So how do we sidestep this paradigm and survive financially as well?  Well, I can already think of one example of how it could be done differently. See next post.  

2 Responses to “More on marketing”

  1. red jello Says:

    I have learned that, after coming back energized from conferences and seminars, I get bogged down in the grind of the daily tasks, catching up, and followup from when I was out of the office. The key is to stay energized and now leave all of that great information behind or in a box somewhere. It’s hard!

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    hi Joane,
    yes this is a good point. I even question the value especially of conferences sometimes, if all that energy doesn’t lead to something tangible.

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