Quality work done with integrity

September 16, 2007

There is an artist/craftsman I know who embodies for me, an ideal. He does his work beautifully and with integrity, his pieces fulfill a needed function in the society, and he is rewarded for it. He is almost always booked up with commissions 4 months in advance, he works alone despite urgings from others to expand his business. He lives a simple but comfortable life, his work brings joy and improvement to the lives of many people. He has never advertised, never registered with the Chamber of Commerce, and never tried to exploit his talents for more money than his modest hourly fee.

I have seen from close-up for over 22 years how this craftsman enriches the lives of the people he makes tables, beds and music stands for: because he is my husband. He makes furniture for handicapped children and institutions, as well as fine cabinetry for private clients.

Everything about Rende’s business reinforces the idea that quality work done with integrity will draw its own clients and rewards. Year in year out, he resisted the fast guys telling him he had to employ the latest marketing techniques and go into production in order to make more money. Rende followed his heart from the beginning; his was an ‘authentic business’ before these words were even used.

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