Is attracting clients like attracting a date? Part 1

September 18, 2007

When I was dating, either I was too stupid or too self-centered to consider the sheer numbers of women that might be after the same guy I had set my eyes on.  Usually there was a mutual chemistry, and the relationship grew naturally out of that without much effort on my part.

I think there are parallels with marketing here. Think for a moment of the overwhelming numbers of people trying to sell their products!  In every little city, village, outback, or metropolis, there are masses of clever, talented created pepole making beautiful things. Popular card companies get dozens of card designs submitted a week. Publishers are swamped with manuscripts. ‘How can one person ever make it with all this competition?’, we ask ourselves.  So we do everything we can to stand out and be noticed.  And if you are operating within this set of givens, then there doesn’t seem to be much choice.

I would compare this to actively trying to attract a partner.  The person spends time and money on making themselves as attractive and interesting as possible. They go to dating sites and those 30 second dating parties. Everything is narrowed down to that one lack and how to fill it.  Like marketing, they need to attract someone to them in order to feel whole.

 There is a way out of this.   

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