September 28, 2007

Perhaps one of the advantages of getting older (and I hope wiser), is that one can hold two opinions simultaneously even though they appear to contradict each other.

A friend from my online artist group has recently had well-deserved success with her book, ‘Bets and the City’.
She has just written us that as a result- at least in part due to her marketing initiatives- her book entered the Amazon Top 50 bestsellers list which has led to interest from some big-name literary agents. Encouraged by this  she will leave rainy, cold London this winter and stay in Spain to write her next book!  It is so wonderful to hear this news; for the last 5 years our group has been following her dogged commitment to writing , and her many rejections of a previous novel. She has struggled and is now reaping some rewards.

She writes, ‘I’m essentially a commercially-fixated writer who’d like to make a living out of it’, which seems to be exactly the opposite of what I’ve been writing in my musings here about marketing. But it has been so gratifying to see her find her voice, (intelligent, wry and full of humour) that I can only cheer!  I mean, if someone is gifted enough to write things that sell and have a ball doing it, more power to them. 

I guess what I am saying is that my own exploration for more meaningful ways to interact with the world through my art isn’t meant to discredit those on different pathways.

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