Job Description

October 20, 2007


We are looking for someone to develop and display well-made, commercially viable products for our place of sale.

The person needs to work for 6 months to a year on preparing and making the products.
After that we will screen the products to see if they are suitable for our outlet.

If we don’t accept them, no compensation for the time and materials spent can be offered.

If we do accept them, the maker is expected to invest the necessary amount of time and money in presenting the products in our place of sale.
The maker will also pay for the opportunity of displaying the products with us. The maker will share in expenses for displaying and advertising the products.

If the products are sold, the maker will ultimately retain about 20-30% of the selling price after commission fees, sales and income taxes.

If the products are not sold, all risks are the maker’s. And transport costs of the products to and from the place of sale will be shouldered by the maker.

Salary: None

Health benefits: None

Other benefits: None


Q: Who, in their right mind would accept such conditions?
A: Thousands (if not more) of gallery artists.

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