My creative heart

November 18, 2007


Photo by Rende Zoutewelle

Well, it has been awhile, is anyone still listening?

This photo captures the feeling of stillness I sometimes long for and would like to have at the heart of my daily life.

I’ve quit my volunteer job at the nursing home, primarily because my free-lance work has increased exponentially.

But I have also been feeling the need to pull back from most of my external pursuits to reassess my direction and take stock.

I went on a 4 day solo vacation to a small farm B&B where I had a clean, empty, quiet little apartment to live in.
It had a sleeping loft where at night I could hear the cows across the farmyard lowing and shifting in their metal stalls.
I came slowly back to myself, and retrieved my trust in my own truth and tempo.

Even returning to a full workload, I have managed to retain this sense of peace.

I feel no compulsion to keep this blog, update my website or do anything other than what feels right. The work at hand, keeping house, decluttering, reflecting, thinking, being with friends. Sharing here when it feels appropriate.

I have started working with  the ‘Vein of Gold, a journey to your creative heart’, by Julia Cameron. Because with all this focus on business, my artist child has been sadly neglected, and I feel the consequences in reduced energy and inspiration levels. I feel that art is my source and my way, and everything else needs to take a less important role for now. 

4 Responses to “My creative heart”

  1. I’m listening. And wishing you well. And your artwork.

  2. Thanks Alison, I’d rather have one good listener than a whole lot of the other kind.

  3. char111 Says:

    i really like this photo, and am keen to recreate the stillness in my home (and heart 🙂

    i’ve added you to my blogroll for psych students to be inspired by

  4. szoutewelle Says:

    Thanks Char. I appreciate you adding me to your blogroll. It is a Good Thing for students of scientifically based disciplines to get to stretch their creative and intuitive muscles too.

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