Women and Artists marketing course

December 17, 2007

I would like to see a marketing course offered especially for women and artists.  I am so tired of the ‘go get ’em’ , ‘make it happen’  kind of mentality I encounter everywhere business is being discussed. 

At a Marketing & Networking evening I went to, I discovered that a lot of the new entrepreneurs were mature women like me.  And we had needs and sensibilities that simply weren’t being addressed by the current hard sales approach.

If I were giving such a course I would start out by finding out who was in the group, what their life values were, and what internal needs were being met by starting a business. I would have them look at their lives to find out what works best for them, who their friends and mentors are, who their Creative Monsters are/were. I’d focus on creativity and nurturing it.  We would dream together first, brainstorm and be creative and crazy. Then we would start looking at our goals and the most appropriate way for each individual to achieve them.  We would look at authentic business practices, we would look at female and male role models who were running businesses we felt good about and analyze what they were doing.  We would draw and sing and role play. We would have meals together and exchange massages.

We would explore new ideas emerging about drawing money and clients to us, based on spiritual laws. These involve  creating an internal condition first to attract the external form desired.

We would see how we could support each other in meeting our goals. We would see how each other’s  networks could be mutually enabling. Certainly we would look at traditional marketing methods and see if we could adapt them for our needs. But in no way would we be forcing oursleves into roles that we didn’t feel comfortable filling. We would certainly venture out of our comfort zone, but in manageable steps. 

We would honor each other where we were at that point, money would be a wonderful tool and indicator of being on track, but the goals would be about individuation, joy, creating community, improving quality of life, self-empowerment, creativity, enabling, beauty, and adventure.

Anyone want to sign up? (Men also welcome of course).

2 Responses to “Women and Artists marketing course”

  1. m Says:

    Me! my friend Helena and I were discussing running marketing courses – she went to ones free held by the local enterprise org here in Ediburgh and thought they were old fashioned and completely behind the times ie nothng about marketing on the internet so might go back to that idea.

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    HI m,
    Do it!
    The point isn’t really about using the internet as much as approaching business from a more wholistic and authentic place than the old fashioned stuff.
    Good luck. Sarah

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