Tending our dreams

January 25, 2008

illustrations from ‘The Colored Pencil Forest’, S.Zoutewelle

I fell in love with the word ‘tend’ several years ago, it has the same root as tender.

Tending one’s dreams as opposed to realizing them implies another, gentler approach.  Realizing means striving in order to get somewhere or something.  Tending takes patience to let something reveal itself to you. Realizing means you already know more or less what you want and where you want to go. Tending feels like something you do at home, in the course of your normal day.

I tend my home and garden and relationships, I don’t realize them.

I tend a plant and see to its needs that it can be the best that it can be.

To tend something you must be near it, intimately involved with it. Tending involves trust and care.

Tend your dreams.
They are there, buried deep in the soil of your life and mind. 
Even in the dark they are there, know this.
The spring rains and earthturningtowardlight will coax them above ground.
They are fragile then, let them develop a strong root system
to support that first tender green shoot.
Watch over them,
see to their (your) needs
and they will flourish
and bloom.


8 Responses to “Tending our dreams”

  1. Such a beautiful way of looking at things — I think there’s a book in this. Have you considered it?

  2. HI Alison,
    Thanks, I have several books started, in the outline stages, let’s see: ‘Creativity and Dementia care'( I have about 5 chapters done on that), ‘The School of Enchantment’, ‘Things that take time’ (I think this one is closest to the blog topic), and ‘Anti-Marketing for Artists’.

    Starting was never the problem, sigh.
    There just doesn’t seem to be one that grabs me strongly enough to commit.

  3. Claudia Says:

    Sarah, I agree with Alison, this is such a wonderful way of putting it. I am going to check out this book, care of the soul, that you talked about in a previous post. struck me when I read the excerpt as something wonderfully close to heart to do. thanks for sharing.
    love Claudia

  4. madsilence Says:

    Perhaps I’m too practical, but I turn to the dictionary to learn more about a word. Try the Visuwords online graphical dictionary: http://www.visuwords.com/. Plug in the word “tend”: you’ll be surprised at the results. The graphical associations & clusters of meaning provide a whole different level of understanding.

    The art of the dictionary (http://madsilence.wordpress.com/2007/12/01/the-art-of-the-dictionary/)


  5. szoutewelle Says:

    madsilence, I read your entry on dictionaries, and enjoyed it. I also visited Visuwords and liked seeing the other meanings of ‘tend’. The sort of mind map display was interesting. I tend to think in mind maps.

  6. szoutewelle Says:

    Claudia, there is a lot of psychology/mythology to get through in the beginning of Çare of the Soul’, but it is worth it. I actually think, though that you would enjoy ‘The Re-Enchantment of Everyday life’ by the same author more.
    love Sarah

  7. […] interesting read over at my friend Sarah’s blog about tending our dreams versa realizing our dreams has me thinking. I really like the idea of tending, and putting more […]

  8. […] interessting read over at my friend Sarah‘s blog about tending our dreams versa realizing our dreams has me thinking. I really like the idea of tending, and putting more […]

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