A song of Sennelier

February 3, 2008

Excuse me if I am waxing poetic, but a beloved friend just did something unbelievably nice for me.

I need to wind back to last year for some background. Judy Lee of five and a half featured my studio and work in her lovely series of artist interviews, ‘Tools of the Trade’.  One of her questions to me was, ‘What are the ultimate art materials you dream of having’?.
I answered that I was in love with a French oil pastel brand, Sennelier, and would love to have the mahogany coloured wooden box housing, more or less, their complete range. 

I remember my first glimpse of this treasure. I was on vacation in London in a really cool graphic and fine arts store in Covent Garden just browsing, and stopped in my tracks when I saw it. I remember just standing in front of the open box consumed with lust and somehow loving the sensation of wanting something so much.  Here in Holland I can get them, and do buy them one by precious one when I need specific colours.  But this was an abundance of glowing colour almost too much to take in at once.  It was the kind of  luxury I didn’t even consider purchasing for myself.

Sometimes dreams come true.  A few weeks ago a package arrived here.  Alice had seen the interview on Judy’s site and just went ahead and bought them for me. You do understand the the pastels are made in France, Alice lives in the US and they were sent airmail to Holland, right?  You must be thinking I am really lucky to have a friend like this, and you are right. 

Here’s the closed box, if you are very good, next I’ll post a picture of it open.


2 Responses to “A song of Sennelier”

  1. m Says:

    oh wow ! though slightly frustrated I can’t see the photo at the moment

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    hi mary, I posted it yesterday. thanks for dropping by, Sarah

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