All the colours you can eat

February 5, 2008


As promised, the box open, showing maybe three quarters of all the 120 colours. I am spelling colours the English way in this post because these gorgeous things seem to deserve the extra ‘u’.

And they beg to be imbibed in some way, if not through the mouth then through the eyes.
Another idea would be to actually use them, but that seems like such a shame.

3 Responses to “All the colours you can eat”

  1. MadSilence Says:

    My children and I always enjoyed opening a new box of crayons. Pristine and shapely, colorful and cool, we were reluctant to use them.

    When I was a child our poodle, Peter, would eat my crayons. You can imagine the “end” results!


  2. Lovely, just lovely. A visual treat indeed.

  3. szoutewelle Says:

    Yes, i was going to write about the pure joy I have felt since childhood at opening any new box of colors- be it pastels, crayons or watercolors.

    As far as Peter the croyon eating poodle, yes, I can imagine all too well what kind of artistic ‘results’ he produced.

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