February 6, 2008


Photo by Rende Zoutewelle

Lucie is turning out to be so completely her own person, well….dog.
Our last dog was also a female fox terrier and had a terrific character all her own.  There are, of course similarities because of the breed, but it is such a pleasure watching Lucie develop and discover the world.

When we picked her up at the breeders, we were privileged to meet her father, Avalon.  Yes, privileged. I have never met an animal who commanded such instant respect and admiration. He simply radiated stature, but was also very sweet-natured. I was very impressed by him and touched as well. Later we heard that he has won the European Championships for the second year in a row. 
Her mother is also a lovely, good natured dog.

Lucie is brave- she will feel fear at new, large and noisy things, but will go out to meet them with her head and tail up.
She is super-intelligent, living up to her full name, ‘Lucida Bright’. When she was about 5 months old, we taught her to open a door by taking a knotted rope in her mouth and pulling. It took her a little over a week to catch on.

When we are playing with the ball and I say in my best down south accent, ‘Give me Five Lucie honey’, she ‘hits’ me with her open paw and races away again.  She has this wonderful prancy little dance she does with the floss/string in her mouth, twirling around and shaking it. She is mischievous and energetic but insists on climbing on our laps for a cuddle when we watch DVDs at night. We are just finishing up her favorite series,  James Herriott  (she isn’t allowed to look if a dog gets really sick or is mistreated).

As I said, once I start………. 

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  1. Claudia Says:

    Gorgeous dog, Sarahz, thanks for sharing.

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