Doggy blog

February 6, 2008


Photo by Rende Zoutewelle, starring ‘Miss Lucie’

Maybe the reason I haven’t been writing about Lucie is that once I start I’m afraid I may not be able to stop.

She is now 9 months old and  stunningly beautiful. OK, here she isn’t shown off to her full glamour, but sometimes just catching sight of her takes my breath away.

Here she is loose in an abandonned orchard not far from where we live.  She runs (on the leash) with Rende alongside the bike as if she was born to it. 
She is starting finally to understand the meaning of ‘Heel’; we’ve been working on it for months and I’ve sometimes felt hopeless, but the last days she hasn’t been pulling at all. I have never  met a fox terrier that walked calmly beside you without nearly tearing your arm off at intervals.   She is responsive and obedient except when other dogs are in the vicinity, but she is so intelligent I have hope that she will even listen to us then.

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