New house in old

February 16, 2008

I spent the whole day cleaning and reorganizing our pantry. It is sunken, a bit like a cellar and actually needs to be rebuilt. It is an eyesore and dirt collector and drains my energy daily.

But today I attacked it with new resolve and creativity. The northernmost whitewashed wall was all moldy and I scrubbed it with vinegar, it looks stained and old still but whiter and cleaner.  

Determined not to just ‘take everything out then put-it-back-in-but-neater’, I browsed the web for kitchen storage solutions, then I used what I had on hand to solve some of the most serious storage problems.  I banned the chemicals and painting materials to the shed and took away lots of plastic bags and hanging and standing objects that were getting in the way. I need to find another place for our paper recycling.

What gives me such a feeling of accomplishment and joy is that I have directed my longing for another house into making this one more livable. The pantry I have recreated is quite simply a piece of our yet to be new home. It is clean and ordered and sparse and gives me humungous pleasure.

My wise guy hub just said to me,’Gee it’s half empty, we need to fill it up with more stuff’. When I threatened unnameable torture and death for even as much as an extra pea in there, he said, ‘So we get all that unused space in the pantry and have all this junk clogging up the rest of the house’. Yep.

Because the rest of the house is my next project!

He was only joking luckily.

2 Responses to “New house in old”

  1. Kay Pere Says:

    Hi, Sarah:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been stopping by to read and added a link to you from my blog.

    Congrats on completing a major cleaning project.

    Also, please, tell R that his photos are beautiful.


  2. szoutewelle Says:

    Hi Kay
    what a pleasant surprise. Thanks for linking me, I’d be happy to do the same. I’ll certainly give R your message.

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