A beautiful gift

April 24, 2008

A beautiful gift from my sister-in-law

Around this time last year, my sister-in-law made me this wonderful object. I’ve been wanting to share it here, and finally got around to taking the photos.

It is one of the most wonderful gifts I’ve received. Not just because of the obvioius love and care that went into making it,  but also because it appeals so much to my own aesthetic sensibilities.  And it goes deeper, not only do I find it beautiful, but all the components mean something. The teeth are the baby teeth of a wonderful little Jack Russel they had who got run over when he was only a year old.  The seeds and bones, shells and feathers are from her garden.  The layers of paper holding the stones are typical of her way of handling materials. And it is called ‘Sarah’s Blog’ in honor of inspiration.

It hangs in a prominent place in my studio, above a piece of my own which you can see at the bottom of the frame. It also uses wood and rice paper. I recognise a lot of my own sensitivity to certain materials and their arrangement in her work and am sure she has influenced me over the years.

I remember once when giving a calligraphy workshop, I had an extraordinarily strong connection with another artist there. At the end of the week she said to me, ‘Looking at your work, I feel as if it came from my own soul’. 

This is how I feel about Wilhelmien’s gift.

She is in the hospital now, fortunately she is going to be fine, but it was a shock for us all.

Feel better zus, liefs, S



2 Responses to “A beautiful gift”

  1. MadSilence Says:

    What a delightful and meaningful gift. Assemblage or found-object art? I like the simple, non-cluttered design and choice of objects with personal meaning. I’ve always been drawn to collect natural objects: shells, nuts, stones, bones & leaves. Recently found a book on found-object art published in the 1970s. I may not make art, but I enjoy reading about those that do. MadSilence

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    Thanks MS.
    Collecting objects can be an art too.
    As a child I used to arrange my collections in nature, and was filled with recognition when I first saw Andy Goldsworthy’s art.
    You could arrange your shells and stones. You probably already do.
    I’m working through Vein of Gold by Julia Cameron, I wonder if that or The Artist’s Way might lure you into more active participation in what is obviously your passion.

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