April 13, 2008


When I saw these tiny (about 3cm x 4cm) tea boxes I immediately wanted to ‘do’ something with them. Staying true to my new motto, ‘Don’t save yet more stuff! If it inspires you enough to pick it up, DO something with it NOW’,’ I started playing with the box by covering it with some recent experimental ink drawings. 

As often happens, I may not be inspired when I pick up the materials, but once I get to work the ideas start flowing.

I wanted to fill the box with snippets of mini-abstract paintings/ drawings, created by moving an empty matte window around some recent work. I chose a piece of experimental calligraphy, (more in a future post), that I considered a ‘failure’ as a total piece but still containing interesting details, and I cut it up.


 My drawing table is a mess,  evidence of a wonderful morning.