Rice paper bowl and hanger

May 1, 2008

Rice paper calligraphy bowl

I used to make a lot of these out of paper maché. Recently I attended an exhibition where an artist had made a series of these rice paper bowls with writing on them, and I got reinspired.

So I used the same technique to make a baby gift for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday.

It is about postcard size and nicely transparent when held against the light. It is wafer thin. I love working this way.


9 Responses to “Rice paper bowl and hanger”

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Sarah Says:

    thanks 🙂

  3. very beautiful paperbowl….love this thin one with the calligrafi…

  4. szoutewelle Says:

    hi anita,
    thanks for responding. I dropped in to your blog and Flickr site and enjoyed your bowls as well. You’re really exploring and I enjoy the subtle variations. The bowls are wonderful to make, only sometimes it is hard to wait until they are dry to see how they turned out!
    Give Birka a hug from me and from Lucie (see the category ‘Foxy Tales’on my blog).

  5. Annie Says:

    who is the artist?

  6. Annie Says:

    Also, how did you make it? What sort of paper and how many layers? I really want to know!

    • Annie,
      I don’t remember the artist anymore,but the one pictured was made by me. I believe I used the bottom of a glass bowl turned upside down. But I’ve also used balloons.
      I used rice paper, and for the glue, either wallpaper paste, or white glue slightly diluted. There are about 2-3 layers. The only tricky part is handling the wet rice paper which does tend to tear. I let it dry completely before removing from the mould. Usually about 24-36 hours. I think I coated the glass with vaseline.

      • Annie Says:

        Thank so much! Do you think tissue paper would work as well since it is very difficult to get rice paper?


      • Sarah Zoutewelle Says:

        Whether rice paper is difficult to come by depends where you are. Most paper or art supply stores wil have some. And it is very easy to order via internet.Maybe a Chinese grocery might as well, a roll of rice paper for sumi-e painting should be easy to find.

        Tissue paper used for packing clothes and fragile things would work- not toilet paper, not kleenex, not paper towels,not the colored craft tissue paper- it is too thin and the dyes run.

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