Mysterious crazy order

June 12, 2008

I’ve been taking voice lessons in the Lichtenberger method for about a year now and every lesson there are revelations. ( Lichtenberger is a scientifically based training for developing more strength, resonance and brilliance in the voice, I haven’t found any English info on it on the web yet)

Today, for instance my teacher, Petra Bierling said the following:

‘The first time I heard Gisela Rohmert, the founder of this method, sing, I was profoundly moved. There was nothing between her and the sound, so you heard her, not someone performing.

Before she developed this method, Gisela was a professional singer, when she performed, people came up to her and said, ‘Oh how beautiful your voice is, how beautifully you sing’.

But after she had been applying the method, when she sang, people came up to her and began sharing things with her about themselves.  They had been opened by the purity of the sound’.

During my lessons, I get different tasks to do while I sing long notes on ‘ooo’ ‘ oh’ ‘ooo’. For instance, today I had to hold my tongue in a certain position and notice what the tongue wanted to do to regulate the sound.
This was a pulling back reflex and had been an unconscious pattern and had acted as a damper on the sound. Once in awareness, this reflex was minimized and the sound became naturally deeper and more resonant.  The hardest thing about this is that you are discouraged from then consciously trying get the tongue to stay in the new position. You just trust the body to absorb that new knowledge and the body will know exactly how to regulate the sound. SO the ego- the part that says, ‘Oooh that was a nice sound, I want to do it again, so I have to do x, y  and z’ has to be sidestepped. You really do step aside, let go,  and watch the sound. And it is amazing what dramatic changes in tone come about after such miniscule physical adjustments.

Petra closed by saying,’

‘When it is the ego doing it, there is separation- its about ‘Look at me!’. When the ego is no longer dominating, then there is connection and communication’.

And of course the parallels with visual art follow on closely. If the ego gets in the way trying to direct a painting towards certain results based on achievement, reputation, or sales, there is no longer contact with the soul. The piece will have a very different function and feel than one made closer to one’s soul values.

But when I can get out of the way and let the work unfold, it speaks its own language. When people see it they don’t see ‘Sarah being a good artist’, they hopefully see something that speaks to their own experience, and connects them with a sense of meaning, beauty, and despite evidence to the contrary, a mysterious  crazy order underlying it all.







2 Responses to “Mysterious crazy order”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Sarah, this is so beautifully said. I was aware of it for some time yet somehow not able to put it into action, reason the ego being in the way. Sometimes when getting in the “flow” of painting and forgetting about what it is then later the ego still claims it and puts it down. I have to learn not to listen to that nasty voice and instead listen to my heart.
    So exciting to read your blog. Lots of great inspirations. Keep going. I love it.

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    Thanks Claudia, much appreciated.
    Tolle has something to say about the ego and creativity, it is from ‘A New Earth’and is under the heading of, ‘Right Action’:

    ‘Right action is action that is appropriate to the whole. When the action is accomplished, the alert spacious stillness remains. There is nobody who raises his arms in a gesture of triumph shouting a defiant, ‘Yeah!’. There is no one who says, ‘Look, I did that.’

    All creativity comes out of inner spaciousness. Once the creation has happened and something has come into form, you have to be vigilant so that the notion of ‘me’or ‘mine’ does not arise. If you take credit for what you accomplished, the ego has returned, and the spaciousness has become obscured’.

    I think he means that you must not become attached to it, I feel that being proud of one’s accomplishment is fine as long as one doesn’t make that part of one’s identity. That’s pretty difficult, though.

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