Message in a bottle

July 22, 2008

A low key time. So I’m writing from the doldrums, sending out a message in a bottle and hoping for a breeze. Navigating still waters is part of being a creative too.

My oil painting, inspired by Krabbé’s show, shipwrecked. There was no inner drive to push forward. Not now at least. 

I gave a pleasurable and I hope informative workshop for the local ALzheimer’s café on creativity. People pounced on the delicious materials I had laid out and created beautiful things. The atmosphere was of possibilities, which is so important since discussions about dementia here tend to focus on limitations.

The things that are inspiring me now are developing an innovative educational tool for people who work with  Alzheimers patients, and writing a book on creativity and dementia.

The artist inspiring me now is once again Keri Smith. Her new book out in the fall goes straight to the core of things that I also have been thinking about and that matter to me.

I’ve painted our front hallway all ready to receive customers in my mini-gallery,   only to find out that I really don’t want to do this. So I am staying with this resistance and trying to trust what it might be trying to tell me.

Basically after years of soloing, I really am more interested in collaboration. I enjoy being connected to the community and area, and to other networks of creatives.

This is evidently a period of sitting tight and holding still. Waiting in alertness rather than initiating something just to feel busy or effective.

4 Responses to “Message in a bottle”

  1. Hello Sarah – I too feel very excited by Keri Smith’s book. She seems to manage with ease what I crave to do; integrating the different aspects of her work in to a unique and consistent whole which is very much her own.

    I hope the breeze starts to blow you gently out of the doldrums before too long.

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for dropping by. You’ve hit perfectly on the essence of what keri does and why she speaks to so many of us other creatives.
    I guess it is everyone’s dream, to make a living, and/or be published, (or at least to have an arena to be seen and heard), by simply being oneself. She does it with courage and integrity, and a bit larger than life sometimes.

    Thanks for your good wishes, I’m setting sail to catch whatever breeze comes along. Even a whiff.

  3. m Says:

    I think its great to throw out your intention to the world – so a great big YES to callaboration !

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