60 second art

October 14, 2008

offcut art

offcut art

Its been a slow week here while I recover from a heavy chest cold. The fever and cold symptoms made me uncomfortable, but I have enjoyed the little cocoon of quiet and the respite from obligations.

Being ill gives time for reflection and reconsideration of priorities. Untrue things seem to fall away, leaving the bare bones.

Rende has just finished making a grave marker for a client, I will shortly design lettering and burn it in (first time I’ve used this technique). He had a whole lot of very attractive little offcuts of iroko wood, about a sixteenth of an inch thick and 1×3 inches. I brought a stack of these irregularly shaped slices up to the studio and put together the little assemblage above using a scrap from one of my discarded oil pastel drawings. I like it because it took about 60 seconds, and says just what I want it to. I might do a series.

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