Serious procrastination

March 10, 2009

There are 20 other things I should be doing this morning, but I realized that for my well-being, I needed to get out my materials before doing anything else.

I recently bought some sumptuous colours to add to my collection of Caran d’ache neocolour, water soluble  paint sticks. The above collage, a bit smaller than an A4, was done by first cutting up a ‘nearly made it’ previous oil pastel of mine. Then I added colour using watercolour sticks around the shapes, then went in with water on a fairly stiff brush to blend some of the colours. I’d started out with a piece of  bright orange  Cansons Ingres pastel paper 160 g. and I love how the orange shines through in places. 

I just needed to feel colours sing this morning before obediently planting myself in front of the computer to make myself write a brilliant article on creativity and dementia care, or finally wrap up the folder design for my summer calligraphy courses or get some more of my book printed out for my reader friend, or write some more on my book, or do the administration, or work on the volunteer design job for the local municipal commission, or renovate the house or get my webshop up and running or update my website or or or……….

Yesterday I counselled a dear friend who is going through a rough patch with her health to stop worrying about what society and so-called ‘friends’ thought, to not let her self be pressured to conform to outer demands, to be happy and do what she does best, which is be an artist and make beautiful true things.  

Sometimes I need to take that advice myself.

One Response to “Serious procrastination”

  1. Carmen Rose Says:

    That is good advice!

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