Kyteman, on stage with a bag of potatoes

August 1, 2009

I read an interview (in Dutch) about a young  Dutch musician called Colin Benders, alias Kyteman.
He’s causing a sensation with a Hip Hop band he’s put together, it has violins, rappers and brass players all on the same stage.  The music is a moot point for me,  though I love the hit, Sorry.

No, its about something he said when the interviewer asked where he got the idea for the band. His first album was made alone in his room with his trumpet, his laptop, and a couple of flat mates who were rappers. Kyteman:

I could go up on stage with a couple of rappers and my laptop and every once in awhile press PLAY, but then I’d feel like a farmer with a bag of potatoes. He planted the seed potatoes, worked on his land, harvested the crop and there he stands, ‘Yep guys, I made these’.

I didn’t want to make music this way. I wanted the same musical kick performing that I  got from making the record. And then I thought, well all the sounds I’d made on the computer, I could have done by an orchestra.

This is EXACTLY how I feel about exhibiting my work.  Somehow putting it all under glass and hanging it up in a gallery seems so unrelated to the kick of creating it in the first place.  Making the work was filled with adventure, risk, movement and discovery. And there it is hanging there, so static, somehow. Though admitedly from time to time people come there and relate to it.

What is the alternative? I heard of a neat project initiated by michael nobbs for his birthday. He asked his Twitter followers to draw him a cup of tea. He made a great slide show of all the drawings, this has nothing directly to do with buying or selling, but it is so dynamic. And so is much of what is happening on the internet related to showing and distributing art.






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