Art Healing Network awards 2009

October 9, 2009

I have been given the privilege of being able to give a workshop I’ve been dreaming of for years. It is a mix of enchantment, making objects of personal power, using art techniques to create meaning and healing in one’s life, creating room for creative wishes and dreams, and just plain having fun with wonderful materials.   This is the place I feel the most connected and useful and inspired.

I wish I had the words to express what art and creativity mean in my life, and how much it means to me to share this.  For years I wanted to go into the healing professions, but it never felt entirely right to have to choose between that and my art. And now, approaching 60, I see they are not at all separated.

Many times in this blog I’ve been trying to express what it is about the new subcultures in art that inspires me in the way conventional channels for making and selling art don’t.    Tonight I received the latest Art Healing Network Newsletter with their 2009 awards. The approach to art as a transformative  and healing tool is perfectly expressed in this year’s winners. Here is a link to Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang, two of the award winners.  What they are doing, their sensibilities, their stature as artists and  aesthetic quality perfectly express what it is about the new art that so entirely captures my imagination.

I am just so grateful that my life seems to be opening out into ways to share this way of seeing with others and participate in my own way in this holistic and engaged art.

3 Responses to “Art Healing Network awards 2009”

  1. Thank you so much for spreading the word about our work and our annual awards! We are so glad you feel inspired by our choices. Keep up your wonderful work in the world.

  2. szoutewelle Says:

    Thank you ! I had planned to write to you personally to let you know how much I appreciate the site and the initiative. I derive a lot of support and inspiration from it.

  3. Claudia ;D Says:

    Yay! So happy that you finally found a place that appreciates your wonderful work.
    All the Best Wishes.
    Love and peace

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