First featured artwork

December 16, 2009


Stone stories

      This piece will be available to buy for two weeks: Wednesday December 16 – Wednesday December 29th.     

See  ‘Intro to Featured Artwork’ page for info about this feature.  

A few words from the buyer, who is a dear family friend: 

‘I would LOVE to  buy Stone Stories.  I have such an affinity for stones and rocks ( cairn building among other things).  All the rocks around my garden were  personally toted by me up from the creekbottoms.   So if it’s still available, it has found a home and a home in which stones are highly prized’.   

Sarah here again: For me, as the artist, I especially enjoy how stories meet.  Candy, thanks, enjoy it and I’ll send it off this week!

Stone stories – This piece is from a series of mini oil paintings I did when I was trying to get more into painting and was not ready to tackle a larger format.  

Size: 16 x16 cm
          6.25 x 6.25 inches  

Medium: oil on cardboard  

Story:  In this series I often used stones as symbols. I associate it with the quote from Anne Michaels’, Fugitive Pieces’:  

‘I learned the power we give to stones to hold human time. The stone tablets of the  Commandments. Cairns, the ruins of temples. Gravestones, standing stones, the Rosetta, Stonehenge, the Parthenon’.  

What I like about this piece:   the overall colour scheme, I find it soothing. And I like the moonshaped stone in the top left hand corner,  it is still in my garden somewhere-a curious ochre colour, pitted and weighted when you hold it in your palm.   Also, the little sliver of golden on the left hand side, to the left of the terracotta coloured stone looks like a split in a curtain where light from a magic realm is peeping in.  

Comments/tips:   I’d suggest framing this simply. Here is what it looks like in a simple wooden silver leafed frame: 


Price: $25      €17      15 GBP         plus Shipping:  $5     €3,50      3GBP 
Please note, all work is delivered unframed 

Ordering info: Please click here




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