Sustainable marketing

December 17, 2009

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Connected to the idea of sustainable creativity, ie creativity that can be maintained in a natural way, fitting with one’s lifestyle and capacities over a long period of time, is sustainable marketing. 

What bothers me about the current ideology of building up social capital via networks such as Twitter and Facebook is that generating poplarity is a means to an end. A friend of mine put it this way:   just as she’d become tired of people who invited her out to lunch then spent the time trying to sell her their multi-level marketing scheme, now she is fed up with people who want to be her ‘friend’ on Facebook , etc, when it’s clearly about building a market for whatever they are selling.

Another pitfall I’ve seen is that once you have a following, there is a constant pressure to maintain your visibility and keep coming up with new things to keep up the interest.

I’ve also seen how quickly some one can shoot to stardom, only to be dropped when the next hot thing comes along.

The remedy for this, if these kinds of methods don’t suit your temperament or ethics, is the old fashioned way of doing what you love with integrity, building up a customer circle organically, and developing up your own staying power by aiming for long- rather than short term results.

In her book, ‘The Soul of Money’, Twist refers to sufficiency and sustainabliilty as being based on values like partnership, gratitude, and valuing what you already have and using that as a prime resource.  This eliminates the need to acquire more and more followers, and shifts the focus instead to the social and other resources which are already close at hand.

Basically, sustainable marketing is quality over quantity. It is something you can grow into and grow with, that fits with your ideals, and nurtures you and people around you  as well as your business. That really is ‘win win’.


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