#6 Chinese Cowrie shell

February 3, 2010


Chinese Cowrie shell

Size:  16 x16 cm
            6.25 x 6.25 inches  

Medium: oil on cardboard  

Story:  Dear friends C&G once gave me a book on the origin of Chinese characters.  It is an exquisite publication, full of images that stimulate my imagination like; old Chinese wells and bronzes, ancient vases, stone tools, shards, and statues. Every time I leaf through it I want to draw or paint. This image is almost an exact copy of a page about cowrie shells being the first currency. And the character, which you see underneath in its evolution and final modern form, stands as well for value, expensive

This piece also foreshadows the next few feature artworks, which are all on a shell theme.

What I like about this piece:  It is actually much warmer in colour than the photo appears. I like the symmetry and the tranquility.


Price: $25      €17      15 GBP         plus Shipping:  $5     €3,50      3GBP    (Only $5 shipping regardless of how many paintings you buy if  in the same order going to the same address).
Please note, all work is delivered unframed.

Ordering info: Please click here.

2 Responses to “#6 Chinese Cowrie shell”

  1. Interesting how the object evolves into the written character

    • szoutewelle Says:

      Hi MSto&w where can I see your posts? Haven’t seen much from you in the madsilence site recently. I enjoy daughter’s Japanese adventures but miss your voice too.

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