Thou shalt market

March 2, 2010

I don’t do Twitter. I am not on Facebook. I am not LinkedIn.  Therefore, in the hip world of social networks I don’t exist.

Here is why I don’t do that stuff:

  1. I object to making  myself the commodity for the sake of sales.
  2. I already spend too much time on the internet and prefer to be outside or puttering and creating in my studio.
  3. These methods don’t feel authentic to my path in life.

Either I am incredibly stupid and stubborn (sales aren’t exactly going through the roof here), or I am being true to myself and eventually it will pay off. I’ve just come out of a winter dip where I believed the first to be true. Yet, with flickerings of new opportunities, I am beginning to have faith again that what feels right is right…for me.

I’m writing this for myself and for anyone else who was not Born to Sell.

If you are a creative and want to sell you work, according to the current  models you HAVE to do all this stuff.  If you choose not to,  this is a radical stance and if you hold it you might be considered a crank or a failure who is simply having a case of sour grapes. Creative people are being told that with the right social network savvy they too can become another Jennifer Lee, Keri Smith or Danny Gregory. This is true….for a handful of talented, lucky, and often ambitious people. IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH THIS WAY OF WORKING then may blessings and prosperity rain down on you, and may you make it.

But for people like me, who are not inclined to follow the social network hype, then let’s explore this issue together further.  See next post.

2 Responses to “Thou shalt market”

  1. mary Says:

    I’m on facebook but I don’t use it to promote myself or my art (its just the easiest way to keep links with people i’ve worked with in the past) Twitter is another matter as its a way of contacting and communicating with people you DON’T know which makes it more interesting. Rhiannon has used it to meet people in dispirate and far flung cities – it can be a vast resorce of info. Like everything it can be overdone. Not everybody will be able to use it to ‘monetize’. I certainly havent’ but have found other delightful side benefits. Oh and I LOVE YOUR interview with Miriam. A truly inspirational and wonderful woman!!

    • szoutewelle Says:

      hey mary, Yes, I know several people who do well with these forms of communication. I even heard of a Dutch writer who just sold 26,000 copies of her debut novel purely through her Twitter and Hyves (Dutch internet social network, I think).

      Thanks so much for your repsonse to the first Artists Who Care interview. Yes, Miriam is amazing!

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