# 8 Pearl shell

March 30, 2010



# 8 Pearl shell on envelope

Size:  16 x16 cm
            6.25 x 6.25 inches  

Medium: acrylic wash on cardboard  

Story: Years ago, I’d done a white on white series in watercolour. This reminds me of that series. 
After the rather controlled oil paintings (see 1-7 of thtis series) I wanted to cut loose. The shell is white, but picks up all kinds of colours from the surroundings.  It is one of the objects that recurs in my work and I always have it somewhere nearby in my studio.

What I like about this piece:  I like the subdued colours and the fluidity of the brushstrokes. It came together quickly and works.


Price: $35      €25       GBP 23         plus Shipping:  $5     €3,50      3GBP    (Only $5 shipping regardless of how many paintings you buy if  in the same order going to the same address).
Please note, all work is delivered unframed.

Ordering info: Please click here.

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