Dreams and goals 1

April 18, 2010

I came to Holland as an established professional in my field. I had made a name for myself in calligraphic circles in the US as well as designing  several books that had been published internationally. 

In 1988, however, Holland’s art scene was in the grips of avant-garde ‘Dutch Design’, and calligraphy was looked down upon as belonging to the (lesser) craft arena.  Computers were supplying acceptable calligraphic typefaces, DTP was on the rise, and suddenly my expertise was not only inadequate, but also irrelevant.

During the period that followed, my self-worth and identity as a respected calligrapher, artist and designer imploded. Partly this was because they were no longer serving , as my friend Jeff commented on the last post, my deeper life commitments. Painful as these years have been,  they opened to search for a new heart’s path.

I must have worked through every ‘Find your passion and the money will follow’ self help book on the market.

 ‘The Artists’s Way’, The Self factor, ‘Creating a life worth living’,’Do what you love and the money will follow’, and  ‘What color is your parachute’?,  are only a few of the guides I methodically studied and put into practice over a 15 year period.  

It has been an amazing time, when I consciously started to change the course of my life.

This post is actually just an introduction to the one I want to write next about what happens when your dreams start to be realized. Scroll down to next post.

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