My book

June 21, 2010

Good old paper and scissors work

I’ve been so busy designing my new book, that I’ve not had time to announce it here.  It will be published, all being well, this year.

Friends had been encouraging me to write a book compiling my experience and methods in working creatively with people with dementia. They felt it would be a great aid to caregivers and family members. After several years of false starts, I finally found the right tone and wrote it over an 18 month period from 2008-2009.  I was lucky to also find a publisher very quickly, and one that agreed to let me design and illustrate it myself.

The book is a practical guide to designing activities for people in all stages of dementia, but it is also a creativity manual  for caregivers. It is called ‘Chocolate Rain, 100 ideas for a creative approach to activities in dementia care’.

The deadline is pretty tight as we hope to launch it at a large dementia congress in England in November. Today I got up from  the computer and went upstairs to my studio to cut and paste. I felt like I could get a better idea of the whole if I could see the spreads in front of me. I actually cut the little sketches of each spread out and glued them with non-permanent glue to another sheet. That way I can keep up with the design changes without constantly renumbering.

I may check back here regularly, but the pressure to get everything done is already pretty intense, so I’m not going to add one more ‘to do’ on an already long list.   I had hoped to make a blog page just for the book, it may happen.

Lucie helping

2 Responses to “My book”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Chocolate Rain sounds like a great and much needed book. Dementia is so common in our world and art heals in so many ways,so why not this too? I’ve worked closely with Alzheimer’s patients in my life and also watch my grandmother now touched by the disease, so this also hits close to home on a personal level. I’m looking forward to learning more about it! Good luck as you complete it and congrats.

    • szoutewelle Says:

      thanks Vanessa. Good luck on writing your book as well. It gave me hope to see that others are also facing tight deadlines.
      It is hard to have someone close with dementia. I think it is harder for relatives and loved ones than caregivers. At least that is how I experienced it when a friend of ours recently had a similar problem. I worked with him for a year drawing together, until he no longer knew what the pencil was for. My heart goes out to you and your grandmother.

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